[Review] Rain Forest Habitats' Pro PVC Cages

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Meet Mojito. Not the elixir of the gods minty beverage that helps me recover from a long workweek with girlfriends on balmy evenings in Miami, but Mojito my young Cuban knight anole (Anolis equestris.) Anyone that lives in South Florida will recognize this species as the largest of the anole species, which, a courtesy of Cuba as the name implies has made its home comfortably here in the neighborhoods and keys of the subtropical southernmost tip of the continental United States.

In lieu of catching one off the street (as my biologist friends would prefer it) I purchased Mojito as a captive born baby at the last Repticon Miami expo at just a few weeks of age, and since he was so tiny I simply housed him in a spare Exo Terra terrarium measuring 12” x 12” x 18”. After almost two months, however, Mojito was beginning to outgrow the little glass terrarium and I started to look for something more suitable for the next several months of his life.

When I discovered the RainForest Habitat enclosures by Sean I thought I had come across exactly what I needed; a company that hand-made screen, enclosed, and hybrid cages in all sorts of styles and sizes, and in three colors; black, light gray, and white. Fabricated out of PVC, the cages offer light-weight enclosures that make great alternative to glass terrariums. For someone like me that likes things in a group to match, they presented the ability to have a series of cages that all had the same uniform look but suited each species specifically. In Mojito’s case I purchased a hybrid cage – a white PVC cage with three closed sides and a screen door and top. It would be perfect for keeping in humidity and heat but with the screen door would still allow for plenty of air movement, so that the cage does not get too warm as my room temperatures here in Miami fluctuate throughout the day. 

On a Thursday, for a very reasonable $45 plus shipping this stock 24” T x 24” W x 18” D cage was mine, and it arrived, mounted and insured, the following Thursday. I'll admit that Mojito was not nearly as excited as I was for his big home upgrade. 

The empty 24" T x 18" W x 18" D white on white PVC cage from Rain Forest Habitats. 

I actually loved the cage so much that I bought a second one; one built specifically with my leachianus geckos in mind. The clear solid door and nearly 100% PVC coverage means the humidity stays nice and high inside the cage, which is helping my male leachianus with a tough shedding spot on his tail that he's always had from an old injury. Very light but solid, I really love these cages. The second cage was shipped disassembled and I took about 20 minutes to put it together properly, so very easy and I expect to be much faster at putting these cages together the next time I order one now that I know how they come together.

Official helper keeping a keen eye out for danger. 

I definitely plan on ordering more of these cages in the future. I would love to get a few more solid cages like the leachianus one on the left for my other leachianus geckos and then a few open-front cages like Mojito's cage for future chameleons.

But by far one of the best attributes of Rainforest Habitats is Sean's customer service. I have exchanged 20-30 emails back and forth with him on a single custom order request and he has always been prompt to reply and is always extremely helpful, offering suggestions or letting me know what is possible or not. It's definitely worth its weight in gold to receive attentive customer service like that, and it means I'm happy to spend money on his products and services in the future. I would highly recommend them!


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