What Chameleons Cost to Purchase

Sunday, March 17, 2013
An Ambilobe panther chameleon male.
Most popular type of panther. 
I get asked this quite a bit, how much does a chameleon usually go for and why do the prices vary so much? The answers are fairly easy, so I will do my best to list the average going rate for the most common species.

Cost depends on roughly four factors:  Species, Gender, Age, and Status (WC or CB)

Panther Chameleon (Furcifur pardalis)
In panther chameleons, their locality (the sub-type of panther they are, which corresponds to their colors) is a factor as well. But this is the only species this applies to, really. There are more locales but they are much less available. The rarer the locale, the more expensive they'll be to buy.

  • Locale (CB)
    • Ambilobe: Starting at $200 for baby male. Average price is $250-300. 
    • Ambanja: Same as above. $250-300. 
    • Nosy Be: Same as above. $250-300. 
    • Sambava: Same as above. $250-300.
    • Nosy Faly: Starting at $400 for baby male. Average is $400-600. 
    • Nosy Mitsio: Same as above. $400-600. 
    • Tamatave: Same as above. $400-600. 
  • Gender: Females are generally $25-50 cheaper than males because they don't have the highly desirable colors. 
  • Age: A baby (2-3 months old) will usually be $50 to several hundred dollars cheaper than an adult. This is because their adult coloration is not yet developed, and once it is the animal is worth a lot more as a breeder. 
  • Status: CB will typically be more expensive than WC, with the exception being WC adults. WC adults may go for about as much as CB adults, because their colors are known and they offer new bloodlines for breeding projects. 
Adult female veiled chameleon.
Veiled Chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus)

  • Gender: Males are usually a little more expensive than females, anywhere from $10-100 more. 
  • Age: A baby (2-3 months old) will usually start from $20-40, while an adult may sell from $70-150, depending on how nice the adult coloration is. 
  • Status: CB will usually be more than WC. Even Florida WC veiled adults will typically not sell for more than CB individuals.
An adult Jackson's chameleon male.
Jackson's Chameleon (Chamaeleo jacksonii xantholophus)
  • Gender: Males are a little more expensive than females, typically $10-30 more.
  • Age: A baby (2-3 months old) will usually start at $20-50, with adults not usually selling for more than $90. 
  • Status: CB sell for just a little bit more, but no real significant difference. Most adult Jackson's come WC from Hawaii, where they are a pest. 

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