In Loving Memory of Mina

Sunday, November 22, 2015
After posting a bit about Mina's lymphoma I received a lot of condolences and well-wishes via email, which I appreciate tremendously. It means the world when people take your pets as seriously as you do, since they really are family. For 7 years Mina was a mix of my daughter, my best friend, and my protector. She was my first dog and she taught me so much about patience, gentleness, and trust. This dog was the very definition of a gentle soul, and despite her shyness was ever so tender around everyone, especially small children. She was such a wonderful, great dog.

After her diagnosis on July 5th, we pursued chemotherapy at one of the best clinics in South Florida, under the care of one of the best veterinary oncologists. The prognosis we got was all bad, from the location of her tumor to the type of lymphoma she had. Everything pointed to a very short window of time left, perhaps 6-8 months if we were lucky. We did everything possible anyway, because how could we not? For the next 3 months she did phenomenally, she tolerated the chemo without any side-effects and lived life as normally as possible. The joke at the dog park was that we were being scammed, that this vibrant, energetic dog couldn't possibly be terminal!

And then towards the end of September she changed.That final week she was just simply not herself, and we found out that her lymphoma had come out of remission incredibly fast. On Saturday, October 3rd, she had a quick series of seizures and was gone, totally unaware, surrounded by my father and I. We were only able to give her 3 months, but I am glad that those three months, up until the last week, were vibrant and good. I miss her terribly and she will be sorely, sorely missed. Life is just not the same without her goofy happy face racing towards me when I come in through the front door, or her warm spot at the foot of the bed by my legs.

Thank you for being my rock when it was just the two of us, my early morning coffee-run buddy, my alarm clock, my watch guard, my little spoon, the best older sister Milou could ever ask for, and my fluffy ball of love and goodness. Goodbye, Lady.

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