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If you are a chameleon keeper (although, not strictly necessary) and have ideas for articles that resonate with Much Ado’s approach and philosophy to reptile husbandry and education, I would be thrilled to review submissions for publication.

I currently accept submissions in the following categories, as a guide. Other unique chameleon-centered or advanced husbandry submissions are also encouraged:

Behind the scenes – a peek into the workings of a breeding operation, a rescue, veterinary office, etc.

Stand-out enclosures and reptile rooms – we love enclosures and rooms that combine correct, ethical housing with aesthetics and show husbandry worth emulating.

Herping expeditions – we’d love to follow along with you on herping trips through the world.

Chameleon conservation and rescue – we care about the natural preservation of these amazing species, and about their rehabilitation in captivity.

Please include at least two high-quality photographs (I can edit and resize if needed) along with a short one or two sentence biography of you, the author. Include any links to personal or business websites. All written content must be completely original and it is preferred that the photographs be as well.

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  1. Here's a question for you. I had a customer that came to pick up a doll that I repaired for her. She told me that she just bought a pet chameleon. Of course I asked may I see it which she responded oh yes. Well she took out the little guy, was holding him in her hands. it looked as if it was reaching out for me so of course I extended my finger just to see what he would do. Much to my surprise he quickly crawled up my arm and placed himself on my chest. Is this normal behavior? The owner was quite surprised and said, " oh my he really likes you!"

    1. Hi, thank you for reaching out! Without knowing the whole story, experience tells me the chameleon was probably a little freaked out, especially if she had just gotten him. Chameleons will reach out to grab whatever high thing they can find to get away from something that scares them (you may or may not have seen the chameleon popping bubbles video – it looks cute but the chameleon just want to climb up and away from all the ruckus). You must have seemed like a tall, safe place to hide instead!

      On the other hand, I’ve definitely had some very docile, friendly chameleons that would happily climb on someone else if they stretched out their hand to him. He was the definition of calm and collected, but he was a rare exception to the way chameleons usually are. So it’s possible, but experience tells me he was probably more nervous than friendly, per say.


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