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Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea  how much it means to me that there is someone out there that cares enough to take time out of their own day and offer to help a complete stranger. It truly shows how great of a person you are and how much you truly care  about chameleons and animals in general.  –  Michael K.


I am passionate about helping keepers empower themselves with the knowledge necessary to become truly capable keepers. I want keepers to understand how elements of husbandry and health play with each other and why.

The kind of keepers that are fluent in the needs of their reptiles and are confident enough to keep pushing their husbandry for the better as new information and technology is continuously challenging what we know. The kind of keepers that do not back down from advances in the hobby and are eager to continually evolve into better per owners, hobbyists, and professionals. I also want to help keepers in any areas where they feel there are opportunities for improvement, even if they are not sure of the best course forward.

In the years since Much Ado About Chameleons was launched I have assisted University of Oregon professors with a chameleon exhibit, reworked the cricket breeding project at Zoo Miami to become a consistent, reliable source of in-house feeders, improved the housing and product bundles at Incredible Pets to be able to stock and sell chameleons with the products most conducive to long-term success for their clients, and have consulted with veterinarians across the world.

Besides aiding businesses and animal-care professionals, I have also spent the last several years assisting thousands of individuals with anything from setting up a cage correctly for a new addition to talking through a late-night health scare.

For many a quick emailed question will be more than enough. But for those in need of more personalized or thorough one-on-one help, Much Ado will now offer various coaching options; from 10-minute webcam coaching sessions to in-the-field consultation for individuals or businesses with a project or problem to tackle. Contact me to request a custom quote!

$10 for 10 minutes

Suitable for most questions. What lighting to I need, how do I supplement, etc.
I will walk you through which products to use, when, and how. 

For lengths longer than 10 minutes contact me for an affordable, personalized quote at

How Do We Get Started?

Please contact me directly with the date, time, appointment length, and types of questions you need answering so I can prepare accordingly (even demonstrate, if applicable) for your phone call or Skype appointment. Quotes are provided with no obligation to commit. Once a quote is approved I will send a Paypal invoice and we will coordinate the appointment. 


I red your blog at the very begining when I just started to fall in love with this beautiful creatures,
 and surprised me the passion you putted on it and the kindness of your answers, I wrote you when I
 had an emergency and you replied to me right away. I don't personally know you but I can tell by
 heart you are an amazing person. (sic)   –  @Mipardalis

I just want to say thank you! Without your blog I would have gone into owning a female without 
knowing they lay clutches, even in the absence of a male. I also would never have known how to
 prevent it and been totally freaked out. I didn't even see the topic of laying clutches as part of
 caring for females on any other source. I was lost and didn't want to go in blind. Your blog is a great
 resource and I am so glad I found you!   –  Mary B.  

You are a huge asset to the reptile community. You rock! – Danny S.

I bought a chameleon as a whim at a pet store, and when I realized what I had gotten myself into I
 was able to find Olimpia and her amazing website. She took the time to walk me through everything
 with a dozen (LONG, super detailed) emails chock full of information. I am so relieved to have
found her, I don't know that my chameleon would have made it very long on my own!   –  Andres Z.

Wanted to drop a line and thank you Olimpia, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your help
 when Rango was keeping his eyes closed. I would have continued to spend money at the vet for 
antibiotics he didn't need when all I needed to do was make some changes to my husbandry, like you
 suggested. The eye issues cleared up and he has been doing great since. Thank you again!  –  Antonio P. 

The Necessary Disclaimer: I am not a substitute for professional medical advice. Much Ado About Chameleons and its staff hold no liability for damages, injuries, ailments, or death resulting directly or indirectly from information contained herein. This information is for use as reference material and is a combination of almost 20 years of professional experience and training, but should not be considered infallible. In regards to any medical advice always seek the help of a veterinarian in conjunction. 

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  1. For the love of animalsMarch 7, 2017 at 4:35 PM

    I have a chameleon that seems to hate me. Even though he will still eat out of my hand,what do I need to do to earn his trust,it seems like we are both stressed out about being together in the same place sometimes.


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