Turning a Screen Cage into a Solid-Sided Cage

When I first purchased the R. leachianus geckos I found myself in a slight predicament – I wanted to snatch up the pair before the person selling them realized how insane they were to charge only a few hundred dollars for an adult, proven breeding pair of Nuu Ana geckos, but I wasn’t prepared to house animals of this size just yet. I only had a week to prepare the cage, and I didn’t want to order in something in the fear that shipping would take too long and I’d find myself with two animals without a proper home.

So then I looked through the reptile supplies that I did have and realized that I could probably emulate closed-sided cages like the Dragonstrand designs for less money and in less time than ordering a new one. I knew the quality wouldn’t compare, but for now it should prove to be more than adequate. I just needed something large, and with mostly solid sides. And then I realize that this could prove a useful tutorial for anyone else that perhaps wanted to add a solid side or two to their screen cages themselves.

Help Send Me To Madagascar | February 2017

The map shows the rough regions of Madagascar we will be visiting on the 10-day expedition.

Chameleon Education & Outreach, Inc. will be hosting an expedition to Madagascar in February of next year. Considered one of the most amazing places on Earth as far as its biodiversity, I can't think of anything else I would rather for for 10 days with a group of amazing, like-minded chameleon experts, breeders, and enthusiasts. Not only does it afford us all safety to travel in a group such as this, but being able to learn about chameleons in their natural habitat, make observations and take readings, and share opinions and experience with other chameleon-lovers would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience worth its weight in gold.

Weeks ago I signed up for the expedition with the backing of a sponsor, but recently he has fallen away and for sure I thought I would no longer be able to attend. I simply cannot come up with the funds as quickly as ChamEO needs them to book the trip. However, after telling friends about what a let-down this was they, along with various extremely generous readers, were able to donate a couple hundred dollars in just two days. This is amazing! So in a final pitch for help, I have started fundraising and will hope for more amazing help from people who recognize what an opportunity this is!

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