2015 New Projects & Updates

Hi everyone! I am so sorry for the hiatus from posting anything in months, my work schedule became increasingly hectic until I was able to find a much better position to transition over into. I finally have my weekends back and am not at work as late in the day, so I have more time with the chameleons. 

The first exciting news is that the blog is now it's own domain! Why did it take me almost 4 years to finally do this? I have no idea, it honestly just kept slipping my mind. But I have plans to keep building it up and working with the blog as a pet project and having the website look more official when presenting it to employers or peers to look up was growing more and more important. So now the blog is officially just MuchAdoAboutChameleons.com! 

Also, in about another week or so I will be welcoming a pair of really gorgeous chameleons to our little family, a pair from a genus that I have yet to work with. Other people might be a little worried bringing these chameleons home, but given how much work the melleri have been, I don't think anything worries me any more! At the very least, it's going to be very exciting, and I can't wait to show them off here. I will do my best to post photos of them when they settle in here in sunny South Florida.

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