Leachianus Geckos for Sale for Daytona NRBE Aug 19-20!

I can't believe that the Daytona National Reptile Breeders Expo is this month already! It blows my mind that we are (practically) in August already, and that I'll be seeing some of you guys at the show on August 19-20. I'm incredibly excited to be going this year after a 2-3 year absence thanks to work, but this year I'll be going with a girlfriend in tow (poor her!) and will be eager to meet some long-term herper friends in person finally as well as seeing some old friends again.

New Caledonian Giant Geckos (R. leachianus) for sale 

I have five gorgeous little leachie piglets ready to go to new homes, and I'll be hand-delivering them to buyers at the show. The parents were purchased as Nuu Anas to the best knowledge of the previous owner, but without any documentation. That said, dad Atticus is a beautiful gecko with strong lime/green base color and pink blotches. Mom Petra is more stone colored but still with a slight yellow undertone.

4 x Unsexed babies (hatched between May 31st-July 1st) - $400  $350 Show Price
1 x Unsexed juvie (hatched October 4th) - $600 $500 Show Price

Father Atticus, a 5-year-old alleged Nuu Ana male.

Mother Petra, a 4-5-year-old alleged Nuu Ana female. 

Four unsexed babies hatched between 5/31-7/1
Holdbacks from October 2016. Juvie for sale is on RIGHT.

Father atticus with juvie from October (completely fired down)

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  1. Hmm geckos? Can you do a seperate post talking about what UNSEXED means. Like how to identify that etc.That would be great. Thanks.


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