Help Send Me To Madagascar | February 2017

The map shows the rough regions of Madagascar we will be visiting on the 10-day expedition.

Chameleon Education & Outreach, Inc. will be hosting an expedition to Madagascar in February of next year. Considered one of the most amazing places on Earth as far as its biodiversity, I can't think of anything else I would rather for for 10 days with a group of amazing, like-minded chameleon experts, breeders, and enthusiasts. Not only does it afford us all safety to travel in a group such as this, but being able to learn about chameleons in their natural habitat, make observations and take readings, and share opinions and experience with other chameleon-lovers would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience worth its weight in gold.

Weeks ago I signed up for the expedition with the backing of a sponsor, but recently he has fallen away and for sure I thought I would no longer be able to attend. I simply cannot come up with the funds as quickly as ChamEO needs them to book the trip. However, after telling friends about what a let-down this was they, along with various extremely generous readers, were able to donate a couple hundred dollars in just two days. This is amazing! So in a final pitch for help, I have started fundraising and will hope for more amazing help from people who recognize what an opportunity this is!

Imagine the kind of information I could come back with for the blog! From diet to natural UV to behavior in the wild, all of these things could help us all become better, more informed keepers.

Donate below:

 I have a Paypal widget set up, which allows you to select from a few pre-set amounts. If the button is glitchy for any reason, you can send me finds at


As A Thank-You

The only thing I can offer as a thank-you to my kind and generous sponsors would be original artwork. I can give out the digital file for the two original prints in my Store or I can whip up an original digital or pen-and-paper illustration of your choosing. For now I will reserve the original commissions for individuals that donate more than $50 and we'll see what kind of demand I receive. 

Additionally, for if requested I can offer 20, 40, or 60 minutes of one-on-one consultation via webcam. I am all yours to ask as many chameleon husbandry-related questions as you wish, walk you through different tutorials, and offer critiques for cage set-up, etc. This is an aspect of the blog I was going to keep secret a few more weeks but in honor of the fundraiser I will begin offering the service now to donors only. 

As a guide, I charge companies and professional entities $50 for 20 minutes, $90 for 40 minutes, and $120 for a full hour of consultation work.

Thank you again for those that even consider donating to send me on this trip!

October 12, 2016: As of 9:30 pm we are almost half-way to the total! Thank you SO much to everyone that has donated so far, I cannot believe the outpouring of generosity. I will be paying for the flights, visas, and vaccines, so having the expedition/stay paid for by sponsors like yourselves is a tremendous burden lifted. I cannot thank everyone enough!

December 6, 2016: As of right now we are almost at the full total! I will need to pay the remainder of what I owe soon, so I'm hoping for one final push. Remember that my offer for original artwork is still valid (this includes original illustrations, portraits, and even logos, depending on amount donated.) 

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  1. I do hope you reach your goal. It sounds like an amazing experience. I'll share your post.


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